Secretary of State

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Is Facing Another Crisis: No One Knows Who's Going to Be Governor Next

“I have no interest in occupying the post of governor,” next-in-line Wanda Vázquez tweeted.
Alex Lubben
Rex Tillerson

Trump’s Thoughts on Rex Tillerson’s Intelligence: A Brief Timeline

Trump has called Tillerson “dumb as a rock” at least twice.
Rex Santus

North Korea really doesn’t like Mike Pompeo

"Whenever he sticks his nose in, talks go wrong.”
David Gilbert

Mike Pompeo thinks it’s “possible” that Trump is a biblical savior

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo agreed that God may have sent Trump to save Israel.
Rex Santus

Mike Pompeo Allegedly Doesn't Want Anyone to Know He Ate Processed Cheese for Breakfast

The Secretary of State reportedly kicked a journalist out of the press pool for writing about what sources referred to as "the cheese incident."
Danielle Wayda

The Race to Win All Races

Michigan’s Jocelyn Benson has a plan to save democracy. Will she and her fellow Democratic secretary of state candidates get there in time?
Ellie Shechet
Department of State

What it’s really like to work in the State Department under Trump

VICE News spoke to career diplomat Tom Shannon in his first interview since retiring from the agency.
Josh Hersh
Cuba attacks

The mysterious brain injury in China is “very similar” to the ones in Cuba, Pompeo tells Congress

The mystery surrounding potential sonic attacks in Cuba just got even weirder.
Alex Lubben
Mike Pompeo

The Senate really went out of its way today to avoid embarrassing Mike Pompeo

It took a series of bizarre behind-the-scenes maneuvers for Mike Pompeo to retain his honor during the confirmation process.
Alexa Liautaud
Mike Pompeo

Rand Paul just flipped on Mike Pompeo's secretary of state nomination

His nomination seemed certain to fail in the committee — until Rand Paul abruptly flipped.
Alexa Liautaud
Mike Pompeo

Mike Pompeo had undisclosed business ties to Chinese government

A CIA spokesman brushed off the allegation, saying Pompeo had no reason to be aware of the intricacies of his company
Alexa Liautaud
Rex Tillerson

Donald Trump just fired Rex Tillerson on Twitter

“I want to thank Rex Tillerson for his service."
David Gilbert