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Syria's war criminals could get away with it

Syria's war criminals could get away with it
Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani
Emily Anderson

Islamic State is committing genocide against Yazidis, UN investigation says

The accusations were made in a UN report, based on interviews with dozens of survivors, saying that the Islamist militants had been seeking to destroy the Yazidi population through killings, sexual slavery, and other crimes.
VICE News and Reuters

Burundi on the Brink: A Year of Violence, and the World Isn't Sure What to Do

While Burundi wallows in political upheaval, the United Nations has watched its government repress protests as dissidents and members of the opposition are tortured, killed, or disappeared.
Samuel Oakford
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North Korea Just Fired Another Couple of Missiles at Nothing in Particular

Kim Jong-un's forces launched a ballistic missile that flew into the sea off its eastern coast early Friday morning. Then it fired another that might have fallen apart.
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UN Report Details North Korea's Exploits in Africa, Including Training Cops in Martial Arts

A report to the UN Security Council says North Korea is building munitions factories in Namibia, attempting to send spare missile parts to Egypt, and trying to buy surveillance equipment from the UK.
Samuel Oakford
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At 11th Hour, UN Security Council Demands That Syria's Warring Parties Adhere to Ceasefire

The endorsement of a US/Russia-brokered cessation of hostilities agreement insisted that fighting among rival factions stop, but the ceasefire does not include the Islamic State or the al Qaeda-affiliated Nusra Front.
Samuel Oakford

In Photos: The Children Fighting For an Education in South Sudan

Conflict has forced nearly 2 million children out of school in the world's newest country. Recent violence at a UN-run displacement camp has put a renewed spotlight on security risks.
Kayla Ruble
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Saudi-led Bombing in Yemen Targets Civilians as Houthis Use Migrants as Human Shields

A final investigative report by the UN-established Panel of Experts on Yemen found that both sides involved in the country's war have committed grave human rights violations.
Samuel Oakford

Colombia’s Government and FARC Rebels Want the UN to Monitor a Future Ceasefire

The announcement represents another major step towards ending the hemisphere's longest conflict, with a final peace accord expected to be signed at some point this year.
Joe Parkin Daniels
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The Speaker of Iran’s Parliament Just Toured an Underground Bunker Filled With Missiles

The video is the latest sign that, despite the signing of a landmark nuclear deal between Iran and world powers last summer, the conventional arms race in the Middle East is continuing at pace.
Avi Asher-Schapiro
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Islamic State Sanctioned Organ Harvesting from Captives in Document Taken in US Raid

The recovered fatwa says taking organs from a living captive to save a Muslim's life, even if it is fatal for the captive, is permissible. It justifies the practice in part by drawing an analogy to cannibalism in extreme circumstances.
Reuters and VICE News
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The UN Security Council Just Took a Huge Step Toward Resolving Syria's Civil War

A UN resolution passed on Friday endorses objectives that include plans for talks between Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's government and opposition groups by January as well as a parallel ceasefire.
Samuel Oakford