Far-Right Extremism

Online Neo-Nazis Are Increasingly Embracing Terror Tactics

Fascist Forge is the latest online, neo-Nazi breeding ground for violent extremism and it’s unapologetically calling for lone wolf terrorism.
Mack Lamoureux
Ben Makuch
Canadian Far Right Extremism

An American Neo-Nazi Group Has Dark Plans for Canada

Northern Order, once described as a “phantom group,” is an Atomwaffen-affiliated neo-Nazi cell.
Mack Lamoureux
Ben Makuch
Canadian Far Right Extremism

Atomwaffen, an American Neo-Nazi Terror Group, Is in Canada

Atomwaffen's graphic designer is from Ontario, believed to be the first known Canadian in the group.
Mack Lamoureux
Ben Makuch
war and conflict

The UN Plans to Use Russian Aircraft to Deliver Humanitarian Aid in Syria

The UN's World Food Program said it would have to consult Russia and Assad's government to ensure the flight's safe passage, but played down the Russian Foreign Ministry's assertion that the UN was teaming up with Moscow and Assad.
Samuel Oakford

​How Sydney and Australia Reacted to the Cafe Hostage Crisis Online

The gunman who seized a cafe in downtown Sydney has reportedly been killed by police, but not before two hostages were killed (and four wounded). Here's how it played out online.
Girard Dorney

Allied Forces in Iraq Have Broken the Islamic State's Siege of Amerli

Iraqi security forces and Kurdish fighters on Sunday broke a two-month-long Islamic State blockade of the northern town.
Liz Fields