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So How Exactly Does a GIF Cause a Seizure?

Scientists can identify the triggers of photosensitive epileptic seizures, like strobes, but working out why these seizures happen is a little harder.
Ben Sullivan

A Man Was Charged for Allegedly Sending Seizure-Inducing GIF via Twitter

The FBI arrested a man for allegedly sending a tweet with strobing animated GIF to ‘Newsweek’ reporter Kurt Eichenwald which caused a seizure.
Mack Lamoureux

Why Are Michigan's Police Going After Legal Weed Businesses?

On an all new episode of 'Weediquette', Krishna heads to Michigan to meet the caregivers who's personal property has been seized based on minor technicalities.
VICE Staff
Relapse: Facing Canada's Opioid Crisis

Everything You Should Know About Carfentanil, the Drug Even Deadlier Than Fentanyl

It's allegedly been used as a chemical weapon and is an elephant tranquilizer—now, it's being spiked into heroin.
Allison Tierney

Lil Wayne Suffers Another Seizure During Flight

The rapper was en route to California from Milwaukee when he blacked out and the pilot was forced to touch down in Omaha.
Noisey Staff

Neuroscientists Uncover More Evidence Linking Epileptic Seizures and Music

Mozart and John Coltrane, in particular.
Michael Byrne
hot sauce

Hot Sauce Might Have Saved This Man's Life

Passing out after ingesting something is not generally considered a healthy response. But Randy Schmitz is more than happy that he lost consciousness following a taste-test of hot sauce, which helped doctors discover the presence of a tumor in his...
Munchies Staff

Grow-House Raids Are Surprisingly Chill

I rode along with an Australian anti-drug squad as they seized $100,000 worth of weed in Melbourne.
Julian Morgans