The FDA Approved the First Marijuana-Based Drug

The medication, called Epidiolex, is used to treat two severe forms of epilepsy in children.
Jesse Hicks
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The Russia Probe, Whitefish Energy, and Skunk Fest

On this episode of The VICE Guide to Right Now Podcast, we talk about the charges against Paul Manafort, the controversial Puerto Rico energy contract, and the world's first service skunk.
VICE Staff
A Year of Lil Wayne

We Need Lil Wayne Around No Matter What Kind of Songs He's Making

The rapper was hospitalized yesterday for a seizure, bringing up bad memories of past incidents.
Kyle Kramer
Science Solved It

Did 'Pokemon' Actually Give Kids Seizures In the 90s?

An investigation.
Kaleigh Rogers
mental health

My Deja Vu Is So Extreme I Can't Tell What's Real Anymore

A brain tumor made me question the very nature of reality.
Pat Long
Parental Advisory

More Evidence That Weed Extract Effectively Treats Epilepsy in Children

It's the first large randomized clinical trial of CBD to help treat seizures.
Alexandra Ossola
It's Science

I Induced My Own Seizures to Try to Treat Them

I don't like having incomplete information.
Katherine Richter

So How Exactly Does a GIF Cause a Seizure?

Scientists can identify the triggers of photosensitive epileptic seizures, like strobes, but working out why these seizures happen is a little harder.
Ben Sullivan
Living With It

What It's Like to Live with Epilepsy

Once, I sat down on the floor of an art gallery, took off my shoes, and emptied out the entire contents of my bag. I had no recollection of it happening.
Emma Roy-Williams
virtual reality

'I Wanted To Show Them How it Felt': The Women Using VR as Empathy Activism

From the experience of an Indigenous elder to the plight of pregnant refugees, meet the female filmmakers revolutionizing how we see the world.
Emma Watts
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Read An Excerpt of 'How to Ruin Everything' By George Watsky

Having epilepsy makes bathtubs seem like lethal weapons.
Nathalie Lagerfield

When Medicines Turn on You: Antibiotics Leave Patients With Psychosis, Stroke-like Symptoms

One type of antibiotic-related delirium results in seizures and involuntary muscle contractions, while another results in a state which resembles drug-induced psychosis from cocaine.
Sydney Lupkin