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Don’t Let the First Pedestrian Death by Uber's Self-Driving Car Freak You Out

A pedestrian in Arizona was killed by a self-driving Uber.
Tracey Lindeman
Mars Auto

This Startup Is Using 'Euro Truck Simulator 2' to Train Self-Driving Trucks

The realistic driving sim is perfect for teaching an AI to drive on the highway.
Matthew Gault

Self-Driving Cars Should Be Designed For People with Disabilities

The autonomous vehicle revolution could be especially helpful to a population that struggles with access.
Bret Hauff

This Self-Driving Car In 'Grand Theft Auto' Drives Pretty Much Like a Human (Badly)

“Charles” is a Python-coded driver that loves to hit police cruisers as much as you do.
Samantha Cole
The End of Driving

The Robot Revolution Will Take Your Car, Your Mom’s Car, and All the Oil in 13 Years

A new report says self-driving electric vehicle fleets are poised to replace individual cars sooner than we think.
Nafeez Ahmed
Cities of Tomorrow

No Time to Waste: How American Cities are Combatting Climate Change

Local governments are leading the way to make their cities cooler, smarter, and more sustainable.
Meg Charlton

Tesla’s Clever Plan To Push Self-Driving Cars Into the Mainstream

Plenty of observers say that self-driving cars aren’t ready for prime time.
Bryson Masse

How the Abstraction of 'RimWorld' Highlights Real-Life Medical and Moral Dilemmas

How much is that kidney in the window?
Rich Stanton
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Your Next Uber Driver Might Be a Robot

Later this month, Uber will randomly assign riders in Pittsburgh with one of its self-driving Volvo SUV prototypes.
VICE Staff

Scientists Taught a Robot to Hunt Prey

It begins.
Jordan Pearson
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Self-Driving Cars Will Soon Be Programmed to Decide if They Should Kill You

Should the cars be hardwired to save the most lives in case of accident, even if that means driving itself off a cliff to avoid a group of school kids?
Janaya Greene
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Watch a Google Self-Driving Car Sideswipe a City Bus

The robocar did what humans typically do when they see something unexpected in their path—it swerved out of the way, smashing into the crowded public bus.
Helen Donahue