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Man Dies After Live-Streaming Self-Immolation Outside of Ex’s Bar

Jared McLemore streamed the act of igniting himself on Facebook Live and, while on fire, ran into the bar where his ex-girlfriend was working.
Mack Lamoureux

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Trump is expected to announce three cabinet-level appointments, a former Facebook editor says fake news could have been fixed, US astronaut Peggy Whitson becomes oldest woman in space, and more.
VICE Staff

'Total Fuck Up,' Today's Comic by Johnny Sampson

We all went to school with this guy.
Johnny Sampson

Why a Woman in Germany Just Spontaneously Combusted

After a woman in Germany inexplicably burst in flames, we spoke with paranormal researcher Benjamin Radford to explain Spontaneous Human Combustion.
Diana Tourjée

In a Bad Week for Australian Border Force, a Refugee Threatens Self-Immolation and Disappears

Last week a rape victim was returned to the Nauru detention center without an abortion. This week a 30-year-old refugee has probably set himself on fire.
Royce Kurmelovs

The British Government Faces the Prospect of 25 Men Burning Themselves on Its Doorstep Because of the Way It Enforces Its Borders

John Abdullah was sitting in a large tent with ten other men, migrants from Syria, Egypt, Afghanistan, South Sudan, and Pakistan. They are in limbo, unable to reach Britain without risking their lives and denied even the most basic living standards by...
Philip Kleinfeld

Burning Men of Bulgaria

In the past six months, Bulgaria has experienced a wave of self-immolations. During one span in February and March alone, six Bulgarians killed themselves with fire, and at least ten people in total have done so in the past six months.
VICE Staff

Is Whistleblowing the New Self Immolation?

To say that Thich Quang Duc is to Edward Snowden as firey religious protest is to leaking classified spy documents may come off as a bit of a stretch. And yet there are echoes of the one in the other.
Brian Anderson

Self Medication

One thing that I am guilty of is not taking things too seriously. To me, weed is pure pleasure, and I indulge in portions of its culture that fall cleanly into the “shenanigans” category. But weed is something of a wonderdrug for many ailing people.
T. Kid

China Is Paying Tibetans to Not Set Themselves On Fire

Self-immolation has become something of a symbol for the Tibetan struggle against Chinese rule. It's been going on for years, but after a recent resurgence in the ultimate display of civil disobedience, the Chinese government has decided to try to stop...
Patrick Henderson

I Saw a Man Burning Alive on the Streets of Tel Aviv

On Saturday, the Israeli activist group J14 celebrated its first birthday with another large-scale protest. An estimated 10,000 people gathered on Rothschild Boulevard and shouted stuff like "Social justice for the people!" A man named Moshe Silman...
Milene Larsson, Photos: Dan Dennison, Video: Alice W

The Man Behind "Biopsy" Magazine Has a New Collection of Searing Essays

Chris R. Morgan's new collection of essays, "Northern Aggression," deals with football, bad writing, and self-immolation.
Aaron Lake Smith