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This Tween Says He Beat Up a Creepy Clown with a Selfie Stick

Now the local sheriff's office is on the lookout for "evil clowns and anyone considering creepy clown activity."
Drew Schwartz

A Tiny Drone Will Replace Your Selfie Stick Once and For All

The ubiquitously geeky selfie stick has a new competitor in AirSelfie, a pocket-sized drone camera.
DJ Pangburn

This Romantic Sculpture Captures the Feeling of Being Swept Off Your Feet

Sound artist Adam Basanta reimagines cinematic dance scenes using iPhones, selfie sticks, and FaceTime.
Nathaniel Ainley
The VICE Guide to Right Now

A Colorado Park Had to Close Because Visitors Kept Taking Selfies with Wild Bears

It doesn't get much stupider than turning your back to a bear so you can snap a selfie on your iPhone's front camera.
Scott Masters Pierce

10 DIY Selfie Sticks the Internet Invented

Who needs to spend money on a selfie stick when you’ve got duct tape, brooms, tree branches and your grandpa’s cane lying around?
Kate Messinger

Never Pose Alone Again with the Optical Illusion Selfie Stick

Someone give this to Akon.
Beckett Mufson

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Selfie Sticks

Selfie sticks are fine. They really are. And besides, if you're using one and anybody gives you grief about it, at least you've got a nice, blunt object to hit them with.
Drew Millard

Smashed Snowden Laptop Slated for London Museum Show

The destroyed drives that once held Edward Snowden's top-secret files will be on display at 'All of This Belongs to You' an upcoming exhibition at the V&A Museum.
Beckett Mufson

An Australian Gallery Is the Latest Venue to Ban Selfie Sticks

Brisbane's Gallery of Modern Art has banned selfie sticks, presumably after too many people swung them close to art in the pursuit of the perfect #artselfie.
Emma Do

Play 'Doom' with Instagram Filters and a Selfie Stick in This Amazing Mod

'InstaDoom' lets you destroy demons through the rose-tinted vision of an Instagram filter.
Kevin Holmes
Deep Ass Questions

Should Venues Ban the Selfie Stick?

UK venues have already started banning The Stick. Should the US do the same?
The Selfie Files

The Selfie Files: Cut Snake

Aussie dance duo love surfing. And the selfie stick. And exclamation points.
Noisey Staff