Senate Intelligence Committee


Senator Suggests the Internet Needs a FOSTA/SESTA for Drug Trafficking

The West Virginia Senator suggested the idea during the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on social media.
Samantha Cole
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Sam Nunberg now open to playing ball with Mueller, North Korea apparently willing to consider "denuclearization," Paul Ryan denounces Trump's tariff plan, and more.
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Bars Are Opening Early So You Can Get Wasted for the Comey Hearing

At one DC bar, each tweet—sorry, "official statement"​—Trump fires off about Comey earns everyone a free drink.
Drew Schwartz
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The Acting FBI Director Just Contradicted the White House

At a Senate hearing, Andrew McCabe refuted the Trump administration's claims about the Russia probe and former FBI Director James Comey.
VICE Staff
Can't Handle the Truth

Fake News Is Winning

Politicians and the establishment mainstream media are fighting back against hoaxes and lies, but it's not working.
Mike Pearl
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Kushner to Testify About Russian Ties Before the Senate Intelligence Committee

The committee plans to ask the president's son-in-law and close adviser about his meetings with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak and Sergey Gorkov, a Russian bank exec.
Drew Schwartz

The Senate Will Debate the Privacy-Killing Cybersecurity Bill CISA Today

Today marks the closest CISPA or any of its successors have ever come to becoming law.
Jason Koebler

The US Military's Forgotten Sex-Abuse Scandal That Foretold CIA Torture in the War on Terror

In 1995, the US Air Force's torture training led to a court case and allegations that cadets had been abused, an eerie foreshadowing of the larger scandals that would come in the following decades.
Solomon Hughes

The Psychology of Torture

We talked to Stephen Soldz, founder of the Coalition for an Ethical Psychology, about the dark theories behind the CIA's enhanced interrogation tactics.
Jules Suzdaltsev

The Biggest Lies the CIA Told About Its Torture Program

Among the least surprising findings of the Senate's CIA torture report is that the agency lied about enhanced interrogation. A lot. To everyone.
CJ Ciaramella
CIA torture report

The Behavioral Tactics the CIA Could Have Used Instead of Torture

The Senate Intelligence Committee’s report reveals that the CIA ignored non-violent interrogation methods and went right for torture.
Jordan Pearson

Hypothermia, Broken Limbs, and Rectal Feeding: Details from the CIA Torture Report

A new report from the Senate Intelligence Committee finds that the CIA deliberately misled Congress and the White House about Bush-era interrogation techniques.
CJ Ciaramella