"Not Racist But ...": Ex-Dallas Cop Amber Guyger Sent Sketchy Texts Months Before Murdering Unarmed Black Man

She was texting a friend and fellow cops, one of whom was her lover.


What Federal Inmates Are Saying About Paul Manafort Getting Just 47 Months

"Only the non-connected do real time," one told us.


Serial Killer Bruce McArthur’s Sentencing Hearing Begins

Prosecutors warned those in attendance that graphic and gruesome details could affect the well-being of those in the courtroom.


Federal judges are giving out shorter sentences in 30 cities since a key Supreme Court case

The Booker decision gave judges significantly more discretion to issue sentences that are harsher or more lenient than federal guidelines.


Guy Who Punched Charlottesville Organizer Jason Kessler Fined a Measly $1

Jeffrey Winder won't face any jail time after clocking the white supremacist in 2017.


DMX Thinks His Lyrics Will Help a Judge Understand His Beauty and Genius

The rapper is facing jail time for tax evasion but wants his greatest hits to do the talking for him.


Woman Sentenced to Jail for Accidentally Killing Her Boyfriend in YouTube Stunt

Monalisa Perez shot her boyfriend Pedro Ruiz while he held an encyclopedia to his chest.


“Pharma bro” Martin Shkreli sentenced to 7 years in prison

He was facing a maximum of 20 years.


Doug Jones's Win Is Also a Win for Criminal Justice

The Alabama Democrat represents the flip-side of his hard-right predecessor who's now the United States attorney general, Jeff Sessions.


Bowe Bergdahl Will Reportedly Plead Guilty for Deserting His Post

The soldier and 'Serial' subject could spend life behind bars.


Oregon to Make Heroin and Coke Possession a Misdemeanor

If Governor Kate Brown signs the approved bill into law, it would give first-time offenders with small amounts of drugs less jail time and lower fines.


I Got Out of Prison After 11 Years and Now They Want Me Back

Robert Woodall’s release from prison, where he did time for injuring someone with a gun in a drunken brawl, may get reversed in an actual nightmare.