Serbia is becoming increasingly dangerous for journalists and the opposition

One Serbian investigative journalist said he survived his third assassination attempt in December.


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After Arrest in Serbia, Netflix Hackers ‘The Dark Overlord’ Say They’re Still Going

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An Energy War in the Balkans Has Slowed Europe’s Electric Clocks by 5 Minutes

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Soccer's Most Violent Rivalry: VWOS

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These Eerily Lifelike Sculptures Probe Death, Pain, and the Grotesque

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The VICE Morning Bulletin

Lobbyist tied to Russian interests says he met with Sessions, feds to stop shielding immigrant parents from deportation, Trump set to announce new restrictions on Cuba, and more.


Talking to the Refugees Hiding in Serbia's Abandoned Factories

"They receive you with a heartfelt, 'Welcome to Europe, we'll kill you.'"