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Ahmed Mohamed, the Clock Kid, Is Suing His Former Texas Town for Discrimination

The suit claims that Mohamed felt he had been treated unfairly as a Muslim student since arriving in Irving, Texas.


Google’s New Alphabet Doesn’t Include 'Don’t Be Evil'

Why Google's new umbrella company spells the end of Silicon Valley's most famous slogan.


Why Google Is Restructuring Now

The meaning behind the Alphabet name change and reorganization.


A Company Called Alphabet Now Owns Google

The move will essentially separate Google’s web companies that generate the bulk of its revenue— YouTube and its eponymous search engine — from its less profitable and more speculative endeavors.


Immortality, Sponsored by Mark Zuckerberg

A band of tech billionaires just announced a new foundation set up to reward the super smart scientists who are working on the toughest problems in life science.


See What It's Like To Use Google Glass, Plus How To Get Your Hands On A Pair

Google release a video showing the interface and features of their AR glasses.