The F-16 Pilot Who Was Ready to Use Her Jet as a Missile on 9/11

Seventeen years after the 9/11 attacks, we look back on the story of Heather Penney, who prepared herself for a suicide mission to take down the fourth hijacked plane en route to Washington, DC.


A major dam in Puerto Rico is about to burst

A major dam in Puerto Rico is about to burst


How to survive on a bike courier’s salary (and still buy weed)

How New York City Postmate survives on a bike courier’s salary (and still buys weed)


Is Banning Trans People from the Military Unconstitutional?

Following President Trump's statements on Twitter saying that trans people will be prevented from serving in the military, advocates, lawyers, and lawmakers are preparing for what happens next.


How to Look at Porn on iPhone Reddit Apps

We’ve got your back.


‘Fight Club’ and Bret Easton Ellis Meet in a Dystopian Animation

A video by Josh Shaffner takes a trip back in time when the artist was a waiter in LA.


Olive Garden Waiter Fired for Pretending to Have Cancer to Get Better Tips

The server was let go when reports emerged of him taking very generous tips after spinning some yarn about how he required cancer treatment.


There’s No Need to Wash Your Turkey, and It Could Make You Sick If You Do

It’s not only unnecessary, it could be dangerous.


Texas Cop Pulls Up to Crime Scene, Orders Burger Instead of Making Arrest

As a fellow officer was dealing with a drunken disturbance outside of a 24-hour Whataburger, San Antonio police officer Gary Nel pulled up to the scene and decided that the situation needed no further intervention. Instead, he beelined it to the cash...


'Satanic' Toddlers Pissed Off a San Francisco Restaurant Owner

A well-known restaurant owner went a little far in a Facebook rant about kids in dining rooms.


It’s Hard to Enjoy Going Out to Dinner When You’re a Chef

I don't think of myself as a demanding person, but since I work in a kitchen, I simply know the way certain things need to be prepared. If I don't think something tastes good at a restaurant, I’ll let them know. I’m paying for it, right?


A Restaurant That Banned Kids Just Did Its Best Ever Weekend Trade

An Australian restaurant owner made headlines this month after he banned children from his establishment. Social media backlash ensued but Liam Flynn says he has just posted his most successful weekend trade in years. (Dogs are still welcome.)