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3 days ago

NYC Restaurant Owner Ordered to Pay $64,000 for Repeatedly Discriminating Against Service Dogs

New York's Human Rights Law requires restaurants to accommodate guests who have service dogs registered with the Department of Health.


War on Millennials: Southwest Is Banning Emotional Support Snakes

The airline has joined other carriers in cracking down on exotic animals on flights.


Delta and United Updated Their Emotional Support Animal Policies

The airlines now require travelers to provide letters from their vet and doctor.


The Russia Probe, Whitefish Energy, and Skunk Fest

On this episode of The VICE Guide to Right Now Podcast, we talk about the charges against Paul Manafort, the controversial Puerto Rico energy contract, and the world's first service skunk.


Don't Mind This Live Boa Constrictor Slithering Around Your Restaurant Table

A man was recently allowed to bring a large snake into a Mexican restaurant in Missouri because of his claim that it's a service animal that helps him cope with depression.


A Lady and Her Service Kangaroo Got Kicked Out of a Wisconsin McDonald's

A customer called the cops when he noticed that the furry thing in the stroller wearing a diaper was a kangaroo.