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A Republican FCC Means You Will Have to Keep Renting Your Cable Box Forever

GOP lawmakers are telling the FCC not to enforce federal law.
Sam Gustin

The FCC Just Caved in to Republican Demands That It Halt Work on Major Issues

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s tenure at the agency is coming to an end.
Sam Gustin
president trump

Here’s How President Trump Could Destroy Net Neutrality

Public interest advocates warn that a Trump FCC threatens internet freedom.
Sam Gustin
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Time’s Running Out for the FCC on Set-Top Reform, Privacy and Zero-Rating

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s public interest legacy hangs in the balance.
Sam Gustin

FCC Battles Skeptics Over Pro-Consumer Set-Top Box Reforms

The feds are mounting a fierce push to save consumers billions of dollars a year.
Sam Gustin

​FCC Unveils Plan to ‘Unlock’ Set-Top Boxes After Brawl With Big Cable

Consumers will no longer be required to rent an old-school cable box, according to the agency.
Sam Gustin
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The FCC Keeps Running Into Opposition With Its Plan to Open Up Cable Boxes

Six months after revealing its intentions, the FCC continues to face opposition to its plan to let you chose your own cable box.
David Bixenspan
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Republicans Attack the FCC Over Net Neutrality, Other Core Programs

Republican lawmakers voted to slash the FCC’s budget and cripple its agenda.
Sam Gustin

After Net Neutrality Win, Emboldened FCC Eyes New Reforms

With new legal certainty, federal telecom regulators forge ahead on key policy priorities.
Sam Gustin
Radio Motherboard

Why You Should Own Your Cable Box

Radio Motherboard looks into the possible ramifications of being able to own, and not just rent, your cable box.
Nicholas Deleon
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What Comes Next in the FCC’s Push to Make Your Cable Box Cheaper

The FCC will now collect comments from the public on its proposal to force cable companies to allow third-parties to create set-top boxes.
Nicholas Deleon
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Here’s Why Cheaper Set-Top Boxes Are Vital for Minority Communities

The FCC wants consumers to have access to cheaper set-top boxes, addressing a critical concern among social activists.
Nicholas Deleon