samir nasri

Samir Nasri's Sexy Time Tweets Get him in Hot Water with Doping Officials

Nasri went to some wellness clinic, his account started tweeting out tales of sexual favors, and then the Spanish anti-doping agency came along.
Patrick Sauer
copa del rey

Barcelona Seals Copa Del Rey with a Pair of Last-Second Wonder Goals

After already claiming La Liga as champions, it felt only fitting for Barcelona to walk away from this one with the Copa del Rey.
Liam Daniel Pierce

What Do Liverpool Have to Show For Eight Months of Jurgen Klopp?

In a tangible sense, very little. Thankfully, Klopp’s worth goes far beyond the tangible.
Will Magee

VICE Sports World News Roundup: May 19, 2016

Start your day with VICE Sports. Here's our morning roundup of the sports news from around the world.
Brian Blickenstaff
Daniel Sturridge

Daniel Sturridge Sculpts a Beauty of a Goal in First Half of Europa League Final

Daniel Sturridge scored a wonder goal with the outside of his foot in the Europa League Final.
Sean Newell
slow handclap for uefa

Liverpool Only Allocated 10,236 Tickets For Europa League Final

It’s official: somebody has really fucked up the planning of the Europa League final.
Will Magee

How-To: Make Paella with George Weill and Pepe Linares

Chef George Weill and flamenco singer Pepe Linares show us how to make the best seasonal paella. But no two paellas are alike, and there are times when you can't predict what you'll find in the classic dish.
Pepe Linares and George Weill
dignified middle class soccer

The Europa League, an Appreciation

The Europa League is not the Champions League, and that's enough to make it a punchline. But European soccer's middle class tournament is a lot more than that.
Colin McGowan

Neymar Freezes Goalkeeper with Perfect Free Kick

Neymar left Sevilla keeper Sergio Rico completely frozen on this brilliant free kick.
Sean Newell
vice shorts

'Sevilla' by Bram Schouw

'Sevilla' tells a story of three inextricably intertwined lives and depicts the joyful optimism of aimless adventure that comes with youth.
Jeffrey Bowers