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Literal Shit Exploded Out of a Water Fountain at the EPA

Employees said sewage was "covering the floors" of the headquarters in DC.
Drew Schwartz

Everything but Poop: The Strange Things You Find Working at a Sewage Treatment Plant

Hammers, toothbrushes, and false sets of teeth—it all ends up in the same place.
Grey Hutton
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The IKEA Flagship Store Is Making an Entire Town Smell Like Poop

Several attempts have been made to conceal the odor, but the "smell of fresh crap" still lingers over the city, according to one resident.
Matthew James-Wilson
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Baltimore's Streams Are Full of Meth

Researchers found amphetamines in water samples from six separate streams around the city, drastically altering the aquatic life.
VICE Staff

The Olympics Are Going to Be a Literal Shitshow

"Levels of sewage that have been released into the environment in Rio is so high that the likelihood of infection is imminent."
Stacey Colino
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A City in Quebec Killed Thousands of Fish by Dumping Poop in a River

Saint-Hyacinthe released 8.5 million liters of raw sewage into Yamaska River in June.
Manisha Krishnan

Dispatches from Montreal’s River of Shit

We checked out all the sewage being poured into the Saint Lawrence River because #flushgate is real.
Brigitte Noël and Simon Coutu
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Montreal Is Going to Dump Two Billion Gallons of Raw Shit into the St. Lawrence River

The untreated ass ham, sourced from residences, businesses, and hospitals, will make its way to the river's southern shore beginning October 18.
Manisha Krishnan
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Seattle Is Tired of Dealing with Canada’s Crap

Seattle's tourism board wants to boycott the scenic Vancouver Island city, which still dumps its raw sewage into the ocean.
Manisha Krishnan

A High School Pumped Reclaimed Sewage Water into a Drinking Fountain for More Than a Year

Luckily the level of dookie molecules in the water was relatively low.
Mike Pearl

Victoria Is Still Cleaning Up Last Century’s Toxic Mess

Eleven years and $138 million after cleanup efforts began, one of Canada's most toxic sites remains a work in progress.
Sarah Berman

All Aboard the UK's First Shit-Powered Bus

Bath Bus Company has announced a new "Bio-Bus" that has begun shuttling merrily between Bath and Bristol Airport this week, fueled exclusively by human turds and piss.
Joel Golby