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LA Prosecutors Have More Evidence Than Ever Against Harvey Weinstein

The LAPD submitted three new alleged sexual assault cases to the district attorney's office, bringing the total number under review to five.
Drew Schwartz

More Women Need to Talk About Sex Addiction

A new memoir about one woman's journey of recovery aims to open the floodgates and end stigma.
Elyssa Goodman
High Wire

Addiction Is Not an Excuse for Sexual Assault

High-profile men accused of serial sexual sexual misconduct keep talking about "treatment" as if sex addiction is somehow relevant here. It's not.
Maia Szalavitz
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Harvey Weinstein Is Reportedly Treating Rehab Like a Joke

The disgraced mogul is allegedly dozing off and taking calls during group therapy sessions, and insisting "all the encounters were consensual."
Drew Schwartz

Steve Jones Opens Up About His Sex Addiction

Tune into VICELAND to hear the Sex Pistols guitarist discuss his problems with intimacy on 'THE THERAPIST.'
VICE Staff

My Life as a Sugar Baby

What started as a desire to sleep with experienced men spiraled into some form of sex addiction.
Romy Doyen

Gaming in Virtual Reality Could Be the Very Real Death of You

It's no secret that games can kill people. And VR gaming, with its massively increased feeling of immersion, its total shutting out of the real world, could continue these sad stories.
Alex Tisdale

A Sex Therapist Explains What Terrible Things Can Happen if You Like Sex Too Much

I spoke to Tim Lee of New York Pathways about bad relationships, how abuse can lead to compulsive behavior, and why the term "sex addict" sucks.
Allie Conti

Cash Slaves

In our money-centric society, finding sexual pleasure by giving away your hard earned dollars seems like the ultimate dystopian fetish. But for the cash slaves who get off on financial domination, losing money is a real turn-on.
VICE Staff

Would You Rather Live Without Sex Or Music?

Would you rather have singing and dancing or your genitals barfing in sexual pleasure?
Dani Leever
A Few Impressions

James Franco on Showing the Dirty Stuff in Movies

Sexual content and sexual addiction are the latest to undergo a transformation in movies, and <i>Nymphomaniac</i> Vol. 1 and 2 is the proof that the subject is becoming less taboo in mainstream commercial venues.
James Franco

This Guy Accidentally Made a Documentary About His Former Porn Obsession

Fourteen years ago, filmmaker Matt Pollock started making a documentary that was ostensibly about his burning desire to lose his virginity only to find out that it's actually about his battle with porn addiction and how it has affected his...
Chandler Levack