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'There's No Perfect BJ Technique' and More Realistic Sex Advice

We spoke to the authors of a new book that aims to provide the kind of practical sex advice you'd never find in 'Cosmo.'


Sex Tips for Young People, from Old People

We asked a bunch of people around the age of 60 to share some of their experiences with us, give us their best sex tips, and tell us how sex has changed over the course of their lives.


​Your Dildos Will Be Hacked

It turns out that the boner-killing power of smartphones isn’t the only reason to be wary of internet-enabled vibrators.


James Deen, Life Coach: I Asked Porn’s Biggest Male Star to Help Solve My Dry Spell

I got some tips from the famously charismatic and cool porn actor about what to do when you don't want to do anyone and no one wants to do you.


Marsha Ambrosius Perfects Fuck Tracks Like She Invented Sex

Marsha's added her sultry vocals to cuts by Nas, OutKast, and Kanye, and this is her step-by-step guide to composing a soundtrack for sex.


An Amsterdam Sex Blogger's Advice for First-Time Johns

Since last September, notices have started to appear in the windows of Amsterdam’s brothels. They detail what does and doesn't constitute appropriate behavior once they're inside. But we know you're not going to read them.


Stoya on the Metaphysics of Cocksucking

"What's your number-one tip for giving the best blowjob?" This question drives me insane.


Literary/I Want My DVDs

There was a time I was way over black-and-white photography. Now I seek it out and feel relieved when I am looking at it, like, “Ah, that’s nice.” Color photos were starting to burn my eyes.