sex and relationships

sex and relationships

Bisexual Women Explain Why They Hate Being 'Unicorn Hunted' for Threesomes

As nonmonogamous dating and polyamory have become more popular, the practice of couples using dating apps to deceive women into being their mythical 'third' is on the rise.
Sophie Hemery
Valentine's Day

How to Trick Your Ex into Thinking You're Thriving

A handy guide for not actually getting over your ex, but to make it appear like you have, which is obviously more important.
James Greig
sex and relationships

Why We Love People Who Don't Love Us Back

In 2007, a boy came on my tights at a house party and then abruptly stopped talking to me—and I've been obsessed with him ever since.
Kitty Drake

Why Not Letting Go of Your Ex Might Not Always Be a Terrible Idea

The psychological arguments for and against digging up old memories of having sex with your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend.
Tshepo Mokoena

People Tell Us About the Moment During a Date When They Knew It Was Doomed

We asked a load of people about their awful "date epiphanies"—when they realized they'd never see that person ever again.
Morgan Harries

Why Are Young Men So Scared of Cunnilingus?

We asked an expert, and a few people in their early 20s, whether they think there's truth to the theory that men expect oral sex without wanting to lick back.
Morgan Harries

Real Sex Education Means Teaching Kids the Power of 'No'

As someone whose entire sex education was a 280-pound nun denouncing abortion, I'm on board with the push in the UK for sex ed being part of the curriculum from elementary school onward.
Joanna Fuertes Knight