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Jeffrey Epstein

Why Was Jeffrey Epstein Left Alone? The Mystery of the Sex Offender's Jail Suicide

The accused child trafficker wasn't on suicide watch despite being found semi-conscious with neck injuries 11 days earlier.
Emma Ockerman
sex offenders

Alabama Wants to Chemically Castrate Pedophiles Eligible for Parole

It’s unclear how often chemical castration is ordered on U.S. sex offenders. It’s also unclear whether it works.
Emma Ockerman
Catholic Church Sex Abuse

Broken Faith: Inside the Catholic Church’s plan to quietly pay survivors of sexual abuse

The Church is launching private settlement programs just as states are making it possible for more child sex abuse victims to sue.
Carter Sherman
Joe Hill
sex crimes

Why the Baylor ex-frat president accused of rape won’t serve any time in jail

He’ll just need counseling while on probation — and to pay a $400 fine.
Carter Sherman

The Best Episodes from All 20 Years of ‘Law & Order: SVU’

I’ve watched all 438 episodes of the infamous sex crime show. Here’s what I learned.
Amil Niazi
sex crimes

Alleged sex cult NXIVM suspends operations

The group cited "extraordinary circumstances" aka its leaders facing multiple sex crimes.
Rex Santus

Harvey Weinstein is turning himself in for sex crime charges, report says

Weinstein is reportedly facing charges related to an allegation that he forced a woman to perform oral sex on him in 2004.
Carter Sherman

When Recalling the Trauma of Sexual Violence Is Your Best Shot at a Visa

America's U Visa offers hope to survivors of awful crimes, even under Donald Trump. But applying can be its own kind of nightmare.
Opheli Garcia Lawler

How Sex Offender Registries Can Result in Vigilante Murder

As Canadian conservatives move to publicize the registries, we looked back at the criminals who have used the tool to commit killings.
Rob Csernyik
sex crimes

States are trying to make it easier to punish the next Larry Nassar

At least 17 states have introduced bills to loosen sex crimes laws, according to a VICE News’ review of legislature dockets.
Carter Sherman
Harvey Weinstein

Manhattan DA candidate explains how NYC could have stopped Weinstein

Career prosecutor Marc Fliedner is running as a write-in candidate against Manhattan DA Cy Vance for failing to prosecute Harvey Weinstein for sex crimes.
Gabrielle Bluestone

Minors Can Be Convicted of Child Porn for Sending Nude Selfies, Court Rules

Last week the Washington State Supreme Court upheld the conviction of a minor under a child pornography law. Advocates say that such rulings target the victim, and only worsen the sexual exploitation of children.
Diana Tourjée