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How Sex Offender Registries Can Result in Vigilante Murder

As Canadian conservatives move to publicize the registries, we looked back at the criminals who have used the tool to commit killings.
Rob Csernyik

When a Drug Conviction Lands You on the Sex-Offender Registry

A strange law in Kansas means a history of drug offenses gets people lumped in with a very different kind of criminal.
Maurice Chammah

The Sex Offender Registry Leaves Female Sex Offenders Open to Abuse

"It's harder to say, 'Well, I don't want to do this with you,' or 'I want to wait to have sex.' How do you assert a boundary when you have broken a law?"
Serena Solomon

Why the 'Pokémon Go' Ban on Sex Offenders Makes No Sense

Look at the research on sex offenders' recidivism, and you'll find little evidence of a Poké-predator problem.
Steven Yoder
Bad Cop Blotter

​Should America Have a Public Child-Abuse Registry?

A Michigan woman wants to publicly name and shame people who mistreat kids, but there are always pitfalls to such schemes.
Lucy Steigerwald

A Drunk Man in England Tried to Have Sex with a Mailbox

Deep down, are we not all drunk men in Manchester, desperately trying to copulate with the mailbox of life?
Joel Golby

Are Sex Offenders Unfairly Persecuted on Halloween?

In many states, registered sex offenders are forced to stay indoors from sundown on and can't answer the door, measures that activists say are over-the-top and don't make kids safer.
Arielle Pardes
Motherboard Blog

Future Sex: The Google Problems of Rapists

In August of 2011, Savannah Dietrich went to a party. She drank too much and passed out. While she was unconscious, two young men sexually assaulted her, photographing themselves as they did it; they then used the Internet to send these pictures to...
Kelly Bourdet