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The Rise of South Korea’s Sex Shop Industry

Thanks to changing attitudes toward sex and new laws governing adult toys, South Korea’s sex shops are moving out of the shadows and into the mainstream.
VICE Staff
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I Stared at Strangers' Vaginas at a Vulva Watching Workshop

And they all stared back at mine.
Rebecca Baden

I Gotta Have My Pops: Artisanal Poppers Are the Next Big Thing in Butt Sex

Even poppers have locally sourced, boutique blends these days. How do they stack up?
David Dancer

Sex Shop Owners Around the World Talk About Their Valentine’s Day Best Sellers

Here's the stuff couples from Canada to Serbia are stocking up on before the most romantic day of the year.
VICE Staff

Seedy, Stunning NSFW Photos from 1970s Paris Strip Clubs

Photographs from the old Parisian neighborhood of Pigalle, a place of cabarets, strip clubs, brothels, and sex shops.
Gilles Elie Cohen

The Weirdest Sex Toys I Found in Amsterdam Sex Shops

A collection of photos that show exactly how creative humans can be when our orgasms are at stake. ​
Sergey Stroitelev

Court Says Strap-Ons, Other Sex Toys Not ‘Health Products,’ Forcing Montreal’s Largest Sex Shop to Close Early

Owner Claude Perron suffered a serious setback in his fight for the right to sell sexy products after 5 PM on weekends.
Nick Rose

What I've Learned from Working in a Gay Fetish Shop

Firstly, lesbians are the nicest customers. Secondly, the last people you'd imagine buying a particular item will, without question, always be the first ones to buy that item.
Russell Dean Stone

I Thought a Birthday Party in a Sex Shop Would Be More Fun

Last week I was asked to cover Glory Hole 2013, the 42nd birthday party for Hollywood's famous sex shop, The Pleasure Chest. Like most people, I like sex and I like parties. This sounded great.
Jonathan Daniel Brown