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What It's Like to Be a Rohingya Child Bride

When Rashidah was 12, a mob of hardline Buddhists set fire to her Rohingya village. The girl was subsequently sold into slavery and raped by human traffickers. Her only way out of that life was getting married to a man many years her senior.


The Young Syrian Women Forced into Sex Slavery

On an all new episode of 'Black Market: Dispatches' we talk to the women who are trafficked into sex slavery after seeking refuge in Lebanon.


How Tattoo Removal Can Help Sex Trafficking Survivors Erase the Scars of Their Past

On this episode of 'Daily VICE,' we accompany a sex trafficking survivor to get a tattoo removed, one used by a pimp as a mark of ownership.


Human Trafficking Prevention Month Is Over, But Now What?

Modern-day slavery is still the third largest international crime industry. We spoke to three organisations fighting trafficking about what we can do to help eradicate it.


From the Trenches in the Battle Against Sex Trafficking

Orange County’s first sentencing of a pimp under updated legislation reaffirms California’s investment in stopping child sex slavery.