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We Met Hollywood's Most Controversial Celebrity Sex Tape Broker

Kevin Blatt has become the city's go-to guy when it comes to releasing or obtaining an A-lister's sex tape.
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The National Guard Thought This Awkward Sex Tape Was a Good Example of Spy Gear

“She’s going up and down on him.”
Joseph Trevithick
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Trump on Twitter Late at Night: People Should 'Check Out' Alicia Machado's 'Sex Tape'

The former Miss Universe doesn't have a sex tape, but that didn't stop the Republican candidate from shaming her about it.
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A Day in the Life of a Porn Star Couple

"We haven't made a private sex tape since we got into pornography. These days, if we film it, we sell it."
Pavlos Toubekis, Photos: Panos Kefalos

YACHT Apologize for Fake Leaked Sex Tape Marketing Ruse

“You should be mad at us. We’re mad at us too.”
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YACHT Drop “Real” Sex Tape on Pornhub, Then Publicly Respond to the Backlash

Update: YACHT issued a statement clarifying their "sex tape" was not intended to make light of the victims of revenge porn.
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YACHT’s Sex Tape Hoax Took Advantage of People’s Empathy for Revenge Porn Victims

When promotional stunts backfire...
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Is YACHT's Leaked Sex Tape An Elaborate Hoax?

Update: YACHT uploaded their "real" sex video to Pornhub, with Claire Evans and Jona Bechtolt having alien sex.
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The Woman Who Looks Like Ted Cruz Is Going to Do Porn

The decision to have sex on camera was a no-brainer, she said.
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Meet the Man Who Brokers Celebrity Sex Tapes For a Living

We spoke to Kevin Blatt, the king of celeb porno, to find out how his business works and how the sex tape industry is developing.
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Has WWE Kicked Hulk Hogan Out of Its Hall of Fame Because of an Old Racist Rant?

WWE has removed nearly all references to Hulk Hogan from its website—but it hasn't said why.
Bo Franklin

Getting to the Bottom of Kim Kardashian's Alien Appeal

Her "Paper" cover shoot shows that people still don't know what to do with their feelings about her.
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