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This Researcher Studied How Sex Workers Are Portrayed in Video Games

Bonnie Ruberg examined how sex workers are treated and programmed to behave in games like Grand Theft Auto V and Fallout: New Vegas.


The Trans Woman Running for Senate in Colombia to Fight for Sex Workers

In Colombia, the majority of trans women must rely on sex work as a means to survive. Tatiana Piñeros wants to advocate for their rights, and work to create more job opportunities for trans people.


'It Will Never Stop': Sex Workers Respond to Raid

After a long sting operation by the feds, the CEO of was arrested on federal pimping charges. While many see the site's likely shutdown as a win against sex trafficking, some advocates fear the move will only push sex workers onto the...


Sex Workers Explain the Struggles of Running an Illegal Business

Cut off from legal protections, unable to access financial services, harassed by police—what do sex workers do when their work isn't legal?


How the UK's Prudish Laws from the 1950s Make Sex Work Dangerous Today

In an ideal world we'd probably pay attention to the testimony of actual sex workers before boxing their profession into a web of laws.


Why Is South Australia So Reluctant to Decriminalise Sex Work?

The Festival State has some of the most outdated sex worker laws in the country. We examine why they're so averse to change.


New Zealand’s Sex Workers Are Fighting for Public Toilets in Christchurch

The 2011 earthquake in Christchurch affected everyone in the city's limits, but one group who are still peculiarly disadvantaged are sex workers.


We Talked to the Woman Behind #facesofprostitution

Tilly Lawless gave us her take on "empowerment" and why being a sex worker doesn't make her an authority on sex trafficking.


Why Canadian Sex Workers Won't Report Rapes to the Police

Despite widespread concern about reports of gang rapes of sex workers in Newfoundland, those at risk of being attacked haven't looked to the authorities for help.


A Dispatch from the War on Women Who Use Drugs

In the global war on drugs women have become the invisible casualties.


Indonesia's Sin City Skirts Shutdown Plans

We were standing at the entrance to Dolly, Southeast Asia's largest red-light district. It's a sprawling complex of colorfully named brothels in the Indonesian city of Surabaya, and this was supposed to be its last night of business


Canada’s New Prostitution Bill Is Far From Perfect

Critics say that the new bill doesn't fully address the compounding inequalities of race, class, and gender in prostitution.