Sex workers rights

kamala harris

Sex Workers Don’t Trust Kamala Harris

Harris’s record as a prosecutor and FOSTA advocate makes sex workers question who they’d vote for if it were her against Trump for president.
Samantha Cole
international whores day

Events Across the Country Where You Can Support Sex Workers This Weekend

After the passage of SESTA/FOSTA, sex workers need support more than ever this International Whores' Day.
Leila Ettachfini

The Hardest Part About Stripping Wasn't Taking My Clothes Off

Before Holly started stripping, she didn't realize how much emotional labor the job would involve—or how empowering financial independence could be.
Holly Darling
sex work

6 Sex Workers Explain How Sharing Client Lists Saves Lives

In the wake of SESTA/FOSTA, online resources used by sex workers are being censored or vanishing entirely. Sex workers explain why these networks are crucial for warning each other about dangerous clients.
Kitty Stryker

Cracking Down on Backpage Adult Has Only Made Sex Workers’ Lives Harder

The government crackdown is a harsh blow for any sex worker who’d been reliant on new business from the website.
Lux Alptraum

As a Sex Worker, I'm Terrified for the Next Four Years

Under the Trump administration, I could stand to lose my healthcare, my livelihood, and even my life.
Hennessy Williams

Are Some Kinds of Sex Work 'Better' Than Others?

I asked strippers, cam girls, dominatrixes, and prostitutes, and two hierarchies emerged.
Rebecca Leib

An Online Legal Group Is Protecting Sex Workers from Predatory Lawyers

Red Light Legal is dedicated to helping sex workers find culturally competent legal representation–and thanks to the internet, it’s poised to have a pretty serious impact.
Lux Alptraum

We Asked Sex Workers What Makes Their Favorite Clients Special

I'm a professional dominatrix, and there are more similarities between a plumber's favorite clients and my own than you'd think.
Margaret Corvid; Illustrations by Cei Willis

Swedish Sex Workers Are Using Airbnb to Get Around the Law

Advocates of decriminalizing prostitution said sex work in temporary apartments reflected the failure of the so-called "Swedish model" of making it legal to sell sex but illegal to buy it.
John Dyer
The VICE Guide to Making 2016 Better Than 2015

How to Make Sex Work Safer in 2016

For former prostitute Paris Lees and many other pros and former pros, the answer is pretty simple: Legalize sex work.
Paris Lees

Twitter Has Made It Impossible to Ignore the Reality of Sex Work

It’s a lot harder to assume that sex workers are mindless, manipulated fuckbots when they’re tweeting thoughts on feminism, racial justice, or the newest Star Wars film.
Lux Alptraum