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This class teaches high school students about sexual assault and consent

The way we teach kids about consent is changing.
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New laws may require teachers to get training in teaching kids about sexual consent

The bill, "Lauren's Law", would require teachers and administrators in Oklahoma schools to take a training program on consent
Alexandra Jaffe

Men Still Don't Know How Consent Works, New Study Suggests

New research suggests that straight men are likely to misinterpret situational factors, such as having previously engaged with a woman intimately, as consent.
Leila Ettachfini
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Should Sexual Consent Classes Be Mandatory For All Soccer Players?

We spoke to Rape Crisis England and Wales, the PFA and others about how to properly educate young footballers on sexual consent, and what can be learned from the Ched Evans trial.
Emilia Bona

Behind the Scenes of the Legal Group That Could Change America's Definition of Sexual Consent

The American Legal Institute sets much of the agenda for our nation's laws, and the organization is currently embroiled in a much larger internal debate over the definition of sexual consent.
Neil McArthur

A New Sexual Consent Campaign Compares Rape with Forcing People to Drink Tea

A new campaign video from Thames Valley Police uses tea as an analogy for sexual consent. “If you can understand how completely ludicrous it is to force people to have tea, how hard is it to understand when it comes to sex?” it asks.
Phoebe Hurst

Do You Know What the Law Says on Sexual Consent? Most Canadian Adults Don't

Consent must be positive and ongoing, according to Canadian law, but only one in three respondents said both of these were necessary for consent, according to a recent survey.
Hilary Beaumont

Would Signing a 'Consent Form' Protect UK Students from Sexual Assault?

There has been some sniggering at the idea of "sexual consent kits," but the more important questions are about whether or not they would actually work.
Frankie Mullin

​What We Learned About Sex in 2014

Technology is changing the way we have sex, "rosebudding" is a thing, the British government can't handle face-sitting, and everybody likes butts.
Monica Heisey

Let’s Not Let the Jian Ghomeshi Scandal Give BDSM a Bad Name

BDSM lovers are particularly pissed off about Ghomeshi's Facebook post, because if the allegations against him are true, he was engaged in assault, not BDSM.
Sarah Ratchford