sexual fantasies


People Describe Their Earliest Sexual Fantasies

"It happened while I was watching 'Dracula: Dead and Loving It.' I suddenly started to feel somewhat confused and a little guilty."
Ana Iris Simón

We Asked Asexuals What They Fantasize About

"I fantasize about my future with my partner, achieving a certain level of success in our careers, getting out of debt. Oh, and cake. Don't forget about cake."
Helaina Hovitz

This Artist Is Getting Men to Act Out Their Girls with Guns Fantasies in Public

After seeing girls and guns everywhere, from music videos to porn, Louise Orwin started to question whether a woman wielding a weapon is a symbol of power, or just a male fantasy.
Holly Williams

Awkward Stories of People Failing to Live Out Their Sexual Fantasies IRL

"I quickly realized my aim was off when he yelped, jumped up, and ran under the shower. I had peed in his eyes."
VICE Staff

Hot For Teacher: What Happens When You Work in a Stereotypically Sexy Job

Secretaries, flight attendants, and nurses have one thing in common: Their career moonlights as an erotic fantasy for men. We spoke to women about how they deal with the uniform fetishists and sexual harassment they encounter in their line of work.
Lea-Natascha Wyss

The Wet Dream Forum is a Compendium of All the Ways to Come in Your Sleep

Nearly 4,000 members use the Wet Dream Forum to chronicle their nocturnal emissions, trade tips for having them, and encourage others to stop masturbating so they can experience the full glory of wet dreaming.
Dave Simpson

The New 50 Shades of Grey Book Tells Us Very Little About Male Sexual Fantasies

Narrated from the male perspective, 'Grey' is as much about pleasing female readers as the original '50 Shades.'
Leah Prinzivalli

The Cannibal Cop and the Freedom to Have Fucked-Up Fantasies

You're allowed to talk about your desires, even if they're bizarre and unhealthy.
Harry Cheadle