Sexual liberation


'Pro Hoe' Is My New Definition of Sexual Freedom

Kink was integral to developing my sexual identity free of the stereotyping of Black women I experienced.


We Weren't Ready for 'janet.'

Twenty-five years ago, Janet Jackson’s fifth studio album provided a legacy of sexual liberation, until the 2004 Super Bowl debacle proved it was all an illusion.


Legendary Sex Educators Staged a Free Sidewalk Sex Clinic in Athens

Annie Sprinkle and Elizabeth Stephens facilitate spontaneous sex talks on the streets of Athens.


Ariana Grande Isn’t Actually Your Little Plaything

Her mix of childlike cuteness, sex appeal and political engagement confuses the fuck out of people who are stuck in the past.


How Sex Became a Four-Letter Word

In the 70s, Americans celebrated promiscuity. Today, it terrifies us—and we may never unlearn that fear.


[NSFW] This Animation Perfectly Explains Where the Sexual Revolution Failed

From body-positivity to #freethenipple, there's a lot of talk about living in a sexually liberated society. But are we really all that free?


It's a Travesty That BDSM Isn't Technically Legal

By foregoing legal recognition of American BDSM players, we don't just deny their rights, we deny their personhood.


The Things I See Working at a French Sex Sauna

Locked G-strings for men, French celebrities, and husbands using flashlights to check if the guys having sex with their wives are wearing a condom.


Bowie Down, Bitches: How David Bowie Became an Icon for Sexual Liberation

For those who’ve felt the pains of society’s razor sharp cookie-cutter, Bowie is a beacon.