sexual misconduct

4 days ago

NBC Made Matt Lauer's Accuser Sign a Super Restrictive NDA

Women who lodged complaints against Harvey Weinstein, top Fox News hosts, and others have received financial settlements on the condition of strict confidentiality.


Yet Another Woman Says Al Franken Groped Her

She's the ninth to accuse him of unwanted groping or kissing, the fourth to say he groped her butt.


Don Jr. Made a #MeToo Joke Last Night to Warm Up the Crowd for His Dad

“Kimberly, do you think the media is going to sue me for harassment since i just gave you a little kiss?”


Warped Tour Had to End Because Punk Is Dead

Warped Tour’s founder says a lot of the criticism against his tour was bullshit


Katy Perry Has Been Accused of Sexual Misconduct

“Teenage Dream” co-star Josh Kloss said Perry exposed him at a party.


"Predatory Shit": Morehouse Student's Video on Assault by Faculty Member Blows Up Twitter

Since he posted on Twitter detailing how he was harassed, other students have come forward


The Grim Reality Behind the Scenes of 'Fuller House' Is Anything but Wholesome

The show's creator, Jeff Franklin, has been accused of toxic behavior in the writers' room, from bragging about orgies to making racist comments.


9 Women Have Now Accused Self-Help Guru Tony Robbins of Sexual Misconduct

Some of the alleged incidents even happened in public, at his seminars.


Bernie Has a Plan So His Campaign Staffers Don't Get Sexually Harassed Again

The 16-page “Blueprint for Safety, Inclusion, and Equity in Political Campaign Work” follows reports earlier this year about problems on his 2016 campaign


Reckoning with the Joe Bidens of the #MeToo Movement

The behavior former Vice President Joe Biden has been accused of may not be criminal, but some say it warrants a larger discussion about power and misconduct.


A certain president accused of sexual misconduct by 23 women is now mocking Joe Biden

Trump mocked the former veep at a GOP dinner and insisted socialists were targeting Biden