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TikTok, the App Super Popular With Kids, Has a Nudes Problem

TikTok is seen as being child-friendly. But a section of the social media platform is dedicated to hunting for nude images from its underage users.
Joseph Cox

The Alt-Right's Ongoing Obsession with Demonizing Gay People as Predators

This week, the alt-right made a spurious link between Antifa and pedophilia. The stunt drew on a longstanding history of calling gay people sexual predators and attempted to push the bigoted mythology even further.
Steven Blum
The VICE Guide to Right Now

New Report Reveals 20-Year Sex Abuse Scandal Across US Gymnastics Programs

At least 368 child gymnasts have alleged sexual assault by gym owners, coaches, and staff working for top gymnastics programs across the country over the last 20 years.
Lauren Messman

California Has Realized That Sex Offender Registries Don't Work

The database is too big to be helpful. The new recommendation is that only violent offenders be compelled to register for life. Legislators meanwhile are afraid of appearing soft, and don't want to "intellectualize" the issue.
Mike Pearl

Sex Offenders in Florida Now Have Warning Signs Outside Their Homes

Last week, 18 sex offenders in Bradford County, Florida, found large red signs outside their homes that read, "a convicted sexual predator lives at this location." I called Brad Smith, the Chief of Operations at the Bradford County Police Department to...
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete
Motherboard Blog

Facebook's Spying On You For a Good Cause

Whether you realize it or not, a bundle of sophisticated technology is constantly scanning through Facebook interactions — wall posts, messages, chats — looking for sexual predators. A combination of intelligent software and human moderators can spot...
Adam Estes