Shan State


The Opium and Heroin Business Is Booming in Southeast Asia's 'Golden Triangle'

A new UN report says opium poppy production in parts of Myanmar, Laos, and Thailand has tripled since 2006, and addiction to heroin and other drugs is also on the rise.


Burma's Heroin Addicts Are Plagued by Cheap Drugs and Conspiracy Theories

It's hard to get clean when a hit of high-grade heroin costs less than $2.


Myanmar Troops Allegedly Tortured Civilians and Forced Them to Lick Their Own Blood

The report includes examples of forced labor, torture, and unlawful killings allegedly committed by Myanmar troops.


Partying with One of Burma's Largest Rebel Armies

We visited the SSA-S base in the Shan State mountains, drank rice wine, and talked about war.