Sharing Economy


Uber’s License Has Been Revoked in London

The headlines say it's a ban, but will you still be able to taxi home drunk next weekend?
Mark Wilding
Sharing Economy

New Study Quantifies Airbnb's Widespread Exclusion of Disabled Guests

Less than half of would-be guests with cerebral palsy can expect to be pre-approved for an Airbnb stay.
Michael Byrne
Happy Ramadan

This Ridesharing App Will Get You to the Mosque Every Night Through Ramadan

MSociety, a group of Muslim youth coders, is behind the idea, which just launched in Singapore.
Samar Warsi
the taking economy

It’s Time to Force Uber to Tell the Government How It Works

Experts say the potential for manipulation is rife in the gig economy.
Jordan Pearson

This Woman Tried to Make Friends by Living Off the Sharing Economy for a Year

Maria Eriksson quit her job to try and meet as many people as she could through services in the sharing economy.
Laura Woodward
Donald Trump

Inauguration Day Is Testing the Limits of Uber, Airbnb and the Sharing Economy

Be nice to your Lyft driver.
Samantha Cole

When No One Has a ‘Job,’ Who Will Pay Workers a Minimum Wage?

Uber drivers joined a series of protests demanding a $15 minimum wage. What happens to the minimum wage in the gig economy?
Jason Koebler

The Sharing Economy of Disaster Relief

How companies like Uber and Airbnb respond to Hurricane Matthew shows how "human" the sharing economy really is.
Sarah Emerson

Parking Lots Are an Incredible Waste of Space. Here's How to End Them.

The main problem with cars in the city is that they spend 95 percent of their time parked on a valuable piece of land. Carsharing changes that ratio, which gives cities the opportunity to reclaim the parking lot.
Zeljko Svedic

Can Airbnb’s New Fixes Prevent Racism?

Airbnb just released a new set of rules to fight racial profiling on its platform.
Sarah Emerson
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Airbnb Is Politely Asking Its Hosts Not to Be Racist

The company is trying to keep hosts from discriminating against renters by having users agree to a "community commitment," as well as getting rid of profile photos.
VICE Staff
The Hacks We Can't See

How Not To Get Hacked When Renting An Airbnb Apartment

Can you trust the WiFi in the apartments you rent on Airbnb?
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai