• 1.20.14

      Sugarless Gummy Bears Are Not Safe for Humans

      There has been lots of talk on the internet lately about Haribo sugarfree gummy bears and how they make you make shit like a madman. One staffer was skeptical, so we made him eat a bunch and report back to us. Here's what happened.

    • 1.28.13

      Have You Ever Pooped Your Pants?

      Who hasn't pooped their pants or at least squeezed out a shart or two on the long road of life. Pooping yourself is kind of like losing your virginity or going to war, people who haven't done it just can't relate. We asked some New Yorkers about their...

    • 10.12.12

      Things I Learned from Butt Chugging

      The insertion of foreign objects into the rectum intestinum of Homo sapiens is nothing new. As you'll remember from history class, the Maya administered tobacco and hallucinogenic enemas for religious purposes, and also probably because they were bored.

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