'Shaving,' Today's Comic by Ida Neverdahl

After finding messages in her shaved hairs, a girl decides that shaving isn't for her.


My Stupid, Sad Quest to Grow a Beard

I cannot grow out my facial hair. But I tried like hell.


Growing a Beard Solved My Lifelong Acne Problem

Dating was a nightmare, leaving the house seemed daunting, and I was self-medicating with prescription pills and alcohol.


A Serial Shaver Is Terrorizing Cats in Virginia

At least seven felines have been whisked away from their homes, shaved, and returned otherwise unharmed.


Women Explain How They Groom Their Pubes

While women often discuss whether they trim, shave, or go full bush before sex, another area causes pube-related anxiety: the doctor's office. We asked women about how they dealt with their pubic hair before an abortion, labor, and checkups.


'A Satanic Wrestler Rebranded!' Today's Comic by Ed Luce

Goteblud's wrestling identity is scaring families, so corporate tries something new.


Boris the Cat Hogs the Bathroom in This Week's 'Pachecomics' Comic

In the latest comic from Mexican artist Ines Estrada, Boris the cat hogs the bathroom so he can shave off his whiskers.


Hot Shave

Shaving is a hassle. Just use fire instead.


Guys, It's Time to Stop Shaving Your Junk

There is nothing more disappointing than taking a new guy home for the first time and ripping his clothes off, only to find that he has "manscaped" himself to look like some sort of dude-shaped topiary.