Those Brilliant Freaks Over at Noma Made a Shawarma Out of Celery Root

Because of course they fucking did.
Lars Hinnerskov Eriksen

Hustling a Shawarma Machine in the Shawarma Capital of Canada

There’s a long story behind how I came to own this machine. It’s a tale involving thousands of dollars worth of industrial kitchen equipment, a hastily cashed certified cheque, and an amicable breakup that left me with a shawarma machine love child.
Hilary Duff

Meet the London Chef Making Meat on a Stick a Thing of Beauty

Josh Katz of Berber & Q wants diners to ditch the elephant-leg shawarma from the kebab shop for traditional Levantine charcoal-grilled meat.
Daisy Meager
Middle Eastern food

How Ecuador Fell in Love with Shawarma

Ecuador's relatively lax immigration policy continues to make it an attractive destination for people from the Middle East, and they're bringing their food traditions with them.
Melissa Kitson

Syria Is Taxing Its Shawarma In Efforts to Save Its Economy

Some of Syria's other new taxes and fees include higher property taxes and doubling the bill for landlines. But perhaps none feels so low as having to fork over more cash for succulent street meat.
Wyatt Marshall
orange county

Little Arabia Is an Edible Oasis in Southern California

This improbable corridor of Orange County houses a thriving community of Arab-owned bookstores, clothing shops, halal butchers, and hookah lounges—even the local Baja Fresh and Sizzler offer halal meat choices.
Tasbeeh Herwees

Russian Social Media Is Trying to Take Down the West with Shawarma and Boobs

The VKontakte page has devolved into a shitshow. Sexism and racism abound in the comments. Meanwhile, the girls mimic sex acts with their grilled meat wraps.
Alex Swerdloff
Action Bronson

‘Fuck, That’s Delicious’ Presents: Cooking With Mr. Wonderful Featuring Michael Voltaggio

Mr. Baklava plays his new tracks "Brand New Car" and "The Rising" for Chef Voltaggio, and what follows is maybe the most creative interpretation of Bronson's music yet.
Action Bronson
Atlantic Canada

Atlantic Canada's Answer to the Kebab Is a Condensed Milk-Filled Beast

While it's similar to the kebab, shawarma, and gyro, the Halifax donair is in its own category of drunk food and it's the greasy gem of Canada's east coast.
Simon Thibault

Copenhagen's Best Fast Food Restaurants When You Can't Eat at noma

The World's 50 Best Restaurants List was announced yesterday, and yes, Copenhagen is home to some of the top dining spots.
Lars Eriksen