shawn michaels


A Plea to Wrestlers: Stop Doing the Suicide Dive So Much

One of wrestling's most popular moves, the suicide dive, is also one of its most dangerous.
Ian Williams

Down Goes Brown's Weekend Review: Kessel's Redemption, and the Rise of Backup Goalies

The weird emergence of backups; a look at polarizing Pens sniper Phil Kessel, and his similarities to wrestling legend Shawn Michaels; plus a solution to the Brian Elliott situation in St. Louis.
Sean McIndoe

Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier, UFC's Own WWE Feud

Like a WWE wrestler, Jones is forcing the audience to question the reality of “real” fighting. His confrontations with Cormier bring to mind a nearly two-decade-old pro-wrestling feud between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart.
Chris Kelly
Pro Wrestling

Working, Fighting, and Bret "Hitman" Hart

Even among his pro wrestling peers, Bret Hart has suffered a great deal, in the ring and out. His cancer diagnosis is sad, but Hart doesn't go down easily.
Ian Williams
desperate times and desperate measures

Some Notes On A Very Bad, Very Strange Monday Night Raw

At three overblown hours, WWE's "Monday Night Raw" is almost always a heavy lift. But Monday's overstuffed, cameo-crammed installment was bad in a new ay.
Ian Williams

The Lucas Brothers Are the Next Big Thing in Identical Twin Stoner Comedy

The identical twin comedians stole the show this summer in "22 Jump Street," and now they're hoping to take over the small screen with their FXX animated series, "The Lucas Bros. Moving Co."
Dave Schilling
Sothern Exposure

Three Nights at the Wrestling Matches

Missouri, 1959. I’m ten, impressionable and neurotic, angry at being born and lacking the perspective to know how lucky I am. I’ve got a couple of Viceroy cigarettes I lifted at home, and I go up to the top stadium seats, where I can smoke and cuss and...
Scot Sothern