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Here's How One Writer Spent Way Too Long Deciding the Best Rap Song Every Year from 1979 to 2014

Shea Serrano's new book has a foreword written by Ice-T, so there’s no way the fully-illustrated, 36-chapter year-by-year analysis of rap’s most significant songs will suck.
Jessie Schiewe
Stories from My Uncle Rick

My Uncle Rick Tricked a Guy Into Thinking He Was Killing Him One Time

Pro tip: tying a bunch of rocks to a dude and threatening to throw him in the river WILL freak him the fuck out.
Shea Serrano
Stories from My Uncle Rick

I Was as Old as an Eighth Grader the First Time I Went to Jail

Lesson to be learned here is don't break into houses on mescaline.
Shea Serrano
Stories from My Uncle Rick

The First Time My Uncle Rick Pulled a Gun on Somebody

Welcome to the first installment of our friend Shea's column about his Uncle Rick, the things he's done, and the things he was listening to while doing them.

A Tempered, Measured Review of "Bun B's Rap Coloring and Activity Book," by the Guy Who Wrote and Illustrated "Bun B's Rap Coloring and Activity Book"

Bun B's Rap Coloring and Activity Book is, in no unclear terms, the greatest, most important work of art of the last 300 years. It's so good it gave the President a boner.
Shea Serrano

Watching the Morph: Houston Rapper Maxo Kream and His Beautiful, Terrifying, and Amazing Video

Menace is the crux of Maxo Kream's creative existence. He's been absorbed into his own scowl.
Shea Serrano

EDM: Economic Distortion Medium

We went to the EDM Business Conference and Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas to find out: Is 'EDM' is the next Rock 'N' Roll, or is it a cultural and economic bubble that's about to burst?
Drew Millard
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This South Houston Middle School Talent Show's Got Talent

Our friend Shea Serrano was asked to judge a middle school talent show, so he liveblogged it for us. He also drew pictures.