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The Things We Don't Talk About When We Talk About Motherhood

We spoke with the author of "Motherhood," Sheila Heti, one of the strongest voices in a new literary wave discussing the shame, guilt, and expectations surrounding parenthood.


These Heti Days Are Yours and Mine: 'Happy Days' at the Kitchen

Sheila Heti's unstageable play, All Our Happy Days Are Stupid, brings Canadian collaboration, clumsiness, and joyful absurdity to the Kitchen.


Sheila Heti Is a Woman in Clothes

Women in Clothes is a collection of voices from 642 different women describing what their clothes mean to them. Edited by Sheila Heti, Heidi Julavitis, and Leanne Shapton, it’s the perfect comedown after eight days of dealing with the hell of...


Seth Fluker Has a New Photo Book Called 'Earth People'

Canada-based photographer Seth Fluker has a way with turning everyday, mundane experiences into amazing abstract visions, like a series he did of a sink when he washed dishes at Whole Foods. His new book explores human behavior and introspection.


I Don’t Want to Read Any More Books About Straight White People Having Sex

I was drawn into the hype over Sheila Heti’s 'How Should a Person Be?' primarily after James Wood published his review criticizing the book as “evasive,” “vaguely intelligent,” and of “a deliberate flippancy.” I’ll be the first to say James Wood is a...