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The Women Rewriting Feminism for a Late Capitalist World

"Feminism for the 99%: A Manifesto" argues that liberal feminism has failed to address the deep-seated systems of inequality that undergird gender oppression. So what's next?
Marie Solis

A Peek Inside Miki Agrawal's Feminist Void

Self-styled "She-E-O" Miki Agrawal left the underwear startup Thinx in 2017 amid sexual harassment allegations. Now she's back with "Disrupt-Her," a new book that encourages women to embrace a contentless version of feminism that's been diluted by brands.
Marie Solis
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Journalists Are Not Social Media Platforms’ Unpaid Content Moderators

During a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on Wednesday, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey admitted how much the platform relies on reports from journalists on to counter offending content on the site.
Jason Koebler
Joseph Cox

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg: We’re Very Committed to Encryption in WhatsApp

During a Senate hearing, Sandberg said Facebook, which owns WhatsApp, is still using end-to-end encryption, but did leave room for potential changes.
Joseph Cox

The Worst Thing About Facebook Is That It Doesn’t Let Us Forget

It compels us to be invested in the lives of people we have no business caring about.
Louise Matsakis

When Did Not Wanting to 'Lean In' Become So Taboo?

Thirty has been described as the beginning of two "lost decades" for women at work: options narrow, confidence wanes, we're overtaken by men. But admitting you're not happy in a job feels like it's become the most taboo thing of all.
Olivia Marks

Every Woman Should Have the Opportunity to Freeze Her Eggs

Apple and Facebook have begun offering their female employees the opportunity to freeze their eggs as a way to prolong their childbearing years. The rest of us should get that chance too.
Eleanor Morgan

The MAKERS Conference: Corporate America's View of the Future of Feminism

The MAKERS Conference billed itself as an event that would "reset the agenda for women in the workplace in the 21st century." In reality, it was a very posh weekend for privileged ladies to network.
Megan Koester
Motherboard Blog

Changing Society, One Terrible Stock Photo at a Time

The images plastering the web can subconsciously tell us what to think.
Meghan Neal
Motherboard Blog

Mark Zuckerberg is Immature: So What?

Investors this week have been chattering about what they’ve deemed to be “marks of immaturity” for the traveling CEO during Facebook’s pre-IPO roadshow. The guy wore a hoodie?! How crass.