Shia LaBeouf


Watch the First Trailer for Shia LaBeouf's 'Honey Boy'

In the semi-autobiographical movie, the actor plays a character based on his dad, while Lucas Hedges plays a version of LaBeouf.


Kanye West Once Took All of Shia LaBeouf's Clothes to Look Even Fresher

In an interview with 'Esquire,' LaBeouf delves into his fractured friendship with West and how he birthed Kanye's swag. "That dude has a lot of my shit."


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Trump warns he'll be "angry" if health bill fails, ex-president of Brazil convicted of corruption, two US volunteer fighters killed in Syria, and more.


150 Members of Congress, Including 11 Republicans, Announced Support for the NEA

Also last week: Kanye launched a jewelry line and Shia LaBeouf kicked off a performance in Finland.


Ai Weiwei Set to Install Hundreds of Walls Throughout New York

Also in the news: a naked man with a bloody menstrual pad strapped to his crotch was kicked out of Art Basel Hong Kong.


Syria's Academy Award-Winning Cinematographer Was Barred From Entering the U.S. | Last Week in Art

Plus, Leonardo da Vinci’s 'Adoration of the Magi' returned to Florence after a six-year restoration effort.


I Found Love, Togetherness, and Milk-Chugging Nazis at LaBeouf, Rönkkö & Turner's Livestream

The anti-Trump performance art project was shut down after 20 days of controversy and violence, but it was still weirdly successful.


LaBeouf, Rönkkö & Turner's Anti-Trump Livestream Was Shut Down This Morning

'He Will Not Divide Us' was intended to last for all four years of Trump's presidency, but was closed after becoming a "flashpoint of violence," according to the Museum of the Moving Image.


Botticelli’s 'Venus' Is Coming to the States for the First Time | Last Week in Art

Plus, the art world responds to Trump’s first week in office.


Shia LaBeouf Decks an Alleged Nazi on Anti-Trump Livestream, Gets Handcuffed

"Hitler did nothing wrong," says alleged Nazi sympathizer minutes before greeting a fist with his face.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Trump advocates return of waterboarding, Democratic congresswoman met Assad on Syria trip, alt-right launches crowdfunding campaign to sue Twitter, and more.