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E3 2017

Ubisoft’s E3 2017 Conference Was the Purest Joy to Behold

Now that the pressers are all behind us, we can all look back and appreciate the unreserved happiness evident on their stage.
Mike Diver

We Talk About Our Favorite Game Levels on Waypoint Radio

What other podcast spends 20 minutes diving deep into The Tower of Latria from 'Demon’s Souls'?
Patrick Klepek
Super Mario

Shigeru Miyamoto on Designing Mario for Mobile in ‘Super Mario Run’

Legendary Nintendo designer Shigeru Miyamoto talks about taking Mario to the most accessible screens in the world.
Danielle Riendeau
Holy Shit

Shigeru Miyamoto Played the Super Mario Bros. Main Theme with the Roots, and All Was Well

Yes, just.... yes.
Phil Witmer

We Asked Miyamoto Which Nintendo Character He'd Like to Drink With

Miyamoto, Reggie, and Mario Walk Into a Bar...
Danielle Riendeau

'Doom' Exists Because of a Silly Port of 'Super Mario 3'

Looks like Mario got a little stubbier for his PC debut.
Clinton Nguyen
VICE vs Video games

It's the Music That Makes The Legend of Zelda So Extraordinary

Koji Kondo's incredible score helped to position The Legend of Zelda as a mythology fit for the 21st century.
Merlin Jobst
short circuit

You Probably Don't Know Nintendo's New President

Tatsumi Kimishima will have big shoes to fill.
Emanuel Maiberg
short circuit

'Super Mario' Myth Busting With Shigeru Miyamoto

"Super Mario Bros. 3" never really happened.
Emanuel Maiberg
VICE vs Video games

Everything I Learned from a Lifetime of Super Mario

Looking back at 30 years of lessons imparted by a high-jumping plumber and his dinosaur friends.
Brad Barrett
VICE vs Video games

If These Truly Are the Final Days of the Wii U, Let It Go Out with a Bang

After a somewhat disappointing E3 showing, Nintendo's Wii U might be heading for the scrapheap. But it's not about to go out quietly.
Sean Thomas

Nintendo Reminds Us that It Doesn't Matter Who 'Wins' E3

For a moment, gaming was fun.
Shonte Daniels