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Fallujah residents fleeing Islamic State overwhelm refugee camps in Iraq

Iraqi government-run camps struggled on Sunday to shelter people fleeing Fallujah, as the military battled Islamic State militants in the city's northern districts.
VICE News and Reuters
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Islamic State Releases New Footage Showing Scenes From Massacre of 1,700 Iraqi Troops

The militant group has released a 22-minute film that includes a mix of old and new footage of the carnage at the Camp Speicher military base in June 2014.
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US Starts Sending $1.6 Billion Worth of Promised Arms to Iraq — But Who Will Get Them?

The US started delivering military equipment to Iraq in recent weeks, but there are questions and concerns about who will end up with the weapons.
David Enders

Islamic State Seizes Control of Ramadi to Claim Major Victory in Iraq

The militants decisively captured the capital of Iraq’s largest province on Sunday despite a spate of US airstrikes intended to keep the city from falling.
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The Offensive to Retake Tikrit From the Islamic State Has Stalled — But It’s Not Over Yet

Reporting from the frontlines near Tikrit, VICE News found that the Iraqi government’s early claims of a successful offensive to retake the city were apparently overstated.
David Enders

Caught Between the Islamic State and Shiite Militias, Gays Are Dying in Iraq

Massacres of homosexuals in Iraq have taken place for years, but the situation has grown increasingly appalling as violence from the insurgency and sectarian militias spirals out of control.
Samuel Oakford and Sally Hayden