Shinzo Abe


Donald Trump Had a Very Weird Weekend at the G7 Summit

He announced trade deals with partners who then contradicted him, said he definitely wasn't surprised by a surprise arrival, and, of course, plugged his own golf course.


Man Shouted "Die" Before Fire-Bombing Japan Anime Studio and Killing Dozens

The KyoAni studio is known for producing shows about the daily lives of schoolgirls and high-quality feature films.


"I Will Kill You": Japanese Man Attacks Schoolgirls, Killing 2

Sixteen people were injured in the stabbing attack at a bus stop in a Tokyo suburb, most of them girls between 6 and 12.


North Korea Calls John Bolton a “Defective Human Product”

Meanwhile, President Trump praised Kim Jong Un, and echoed the dictator's insults of Joe Biden—again.


Trump called Nepal “nipple” in a prep session before meeting with India’s prime minister, report says

He's also been calling foreign leaders at odd hours of the night, sources told Politico.


Trump celebrates North Korea peace talks by selling missiles to Japan

That'll be $130 million please, Abe.


Watch This Bizarre Slo-Mo Video of Trump's Asia Trip

Another masterpiece from the White House video team.


Japan Prime Minister Abe Eats it in Bunker While Golfing With Trump

Shinzo Abe was out on the links with Donald Trump, when he took a spill back into the bunker. Like any logical body would do.


Trump warns North Korea "Do not try us," then plugs his golf course

President Trump issued a stark warning to North Korea but avoided some of his usual bombast. He even worked in a plug for one of his golf courses.


Big Boy Trump Proves He’s Not a Liddle Baby Anymore on Japan Trip

"I never knew we had so many countries," the president, who is definitely not a baby, remarked.


Trump tries to peddle U.S. weapons at Tokyo press conference

“Some people said that my rhetoric is very strong,” Trump added at a joint press conference in Tokyo with Abe. “But look at what's happened with very weak rhetoric over the last 25 years. Look where we are now.”