'Tripleting,' Today's Comic by Seo Kim

Seo freaks out after coming across two girls dressed just like her.


Red Wine Stains Are a Thing of the Past with This Wine-Repellent Shirt

Never again fear the red wine stain.


A Rorschach-Worthy Fashion Line Wants to Protect You From Air Pollution

Designer Nikolas Bentel designed a reactive line of clothing that changes colors in the presence of toxic pollutants.


Want to Help Hurricane Sandy Victims? Buy This Mishka T-Shirt

Mishka is doing their part to help with the recovery from Hurricane Sandy's devastation by doing what they do best: making expensive T-shirts. Greg Rivera, who runs Mishka, is one of my favorite people so I asked him to tell me about it.


Can You Show Me Your Favorite Item Of Clothing?

Angela DiCarloMakeup artistI found this dress downstairs in the fat-girls department of Rainbow on Delancey Street in New York.