Wasps Are Capable of Basic Logical Reasoning, Study Finds

Paper wasps are the first known insects to perform a key form of deductive logic called transitive inference.


New Approach to Virtual Reality Shocks You Into Believing Walls Are Real

Haptic feedback device uses electric muscle stimulator to mimic lifting objects and touching walls.


Most People Will Still Torture a Stranger if Ordered

In a recast of an infamous experiment, Polish researchers demonstrate that humans still suck.


Chuck Palahniuk Told Us About 'Lullaby' the Movie

The infamous author talks shock, his first screenplay, and 'Fight Club 2,' the graphic novel.


A Lawsuit Claims an Alabama Girl and Her Mom Got Tasered After the Teen Had a Seizure at a Rap Concert

Even after a year defined by allegation after allegation of horrific police brutality, this one is tough to fathom.


It's Time for Women to Rethink Naked Protests

At a recent protest against the Pamplona bull run, a British woman used her boobs to draw attention to animal rights. But when the cause is totally unrelated to gender equality, is getting your nipples out actually counter-productive?


Tom Six, the ‘Human Centipede’ Director, Is ‘Very Proud’ of His Work

We talked to the notorious shock peddler about his reputation, his "dark view of humanity," and whether he's worried about life imitating his art.


Photos from Last Night's 'Charlie Hebdo' Solidarity Protest in Union Square

New Yorkers ignored the cold to show their support for the dozen victims of Europe's worst terrorist attack in years.


'Salò' Was the Film That Truly Shocked Me

The internet exposed me to the depths of human cruelty, but it was Pasolini's masterpiece that truly disgusted and beguiled me.


Talking with Artist Sue Webster About Her Cookbook Written Using a Nazi Typewriter

The artist known for giant dildo sculptures recently created "The Folly Acres Cookbook," which includes your average carrot cake recipe but also meals that incorporate roadkill.


A Glitched-Out Dance Performance Takes Over The Armory

Jason Akira Somma's four-part dance and glitch art exhibition at The Park Avenue Armory offered a giltch-perfect exploration of technology and the human body.