Canada’s in the middle of a great big weed shortage

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Taiwanese shoppers are panic-buying toilet paper

Pulp shortage is driving prices 50 percent higher, triggering a #TPapocalypse


Cryptocurrency Miners Are 'Limiting' the Search for Alien Life

Berkely's SETI project can't get its hands on the latest graphics cards, which are popular with cryptocurrency miners.


Thousands of Holiday Flights Don't Have Pilots After a Glitch at American Airlines

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Scientists Are Racing to Create Synthetic Blood in the Wake of Mass Tragedies

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Why Everybody Needs to Calm Down About the 'Bacon Shortage'

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Why There Could Be a Brussels Sprouts Shortage This Year

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How Climate Change Is Totally Going to Mess with Your Mimosa

By the looks of it, producers in France’s Champagne region won’t be popping any bottles in celebration this year, as there may not be enough bubbles to waste on acts of extravagance so closely associated with their product.


Why In-N-Out Is Running Out of Those Little Yellow Peppers You Love

This month, many of California’s most popular chain restaurants are facing an unprecedented shortage of a beloved tiny, bright yellow pickled pepper. The sudden scarcity of cascabella peppers has customers complaining, restaurants scrambling for...


Hoard Your Ice Cream Because We're in a Massive Vanilla Shortage

The nectar of the gods that is ice cream is about to get a hell of a lot more expensive, and we have the distinguished spinster that is vanilla to thank for it.


Kale Is Becoming Too Popular for Its Own Good

Kale has become an integral part of the American diet, and with that cultural significance comes a great cost for farmers.


Market Experts Say We Could Be Running Out of Coffee

According to market analysts, Britain’s increased consumption of coffee has created a “structural imbalance” between supply and demand that could lead to an imminent coffee shortage.