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We Found the Teen Behind That Secret, Viral Shrine to Danny DeVito

"Because of all the trash—if you know 'Always Sunny,' you know that Danny DeVito is known as like the trash man—I was like, 'This is just the perfect person to go with.'"
Drew Schwartz
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

California wildfires spread even more, Arizona congressman quits over sexual misconduct, dozens injured at protests over Trump's Jerusalem move, and more.
VICE Staff

Cambodian Ghosts Love Sticky Rice Cakes

On Pchum Ben or "Ancestors' Day," Cambodians believe the ghosts of dead relatives return to earth. They are offered Num Om Saum, a sticky rice cake wrapped in banana leaves.
Nathan A. Thompson
asia & pacific

Bangkok Shrine Bomb Suspect Has Fled to Turkey, Say Police

The attack in August at a Hindu shrine killed 20 people, including 14 foreign tourists. There has since been speculation it was a revenge attack by sympathizers of Uighur Muslims, a minority in China.
Reuters and VICE News

Coming Soon? The Joy Division Museum

At the price of $297,573, Joy Division superfan Hadar Goldman may make all of our disorderly dreams come true.
Sami Emory

The Patron Saint of Mexico’s Drug War Is Making Inroads in Canada

The cult of Santa Muerte is growing in popularity among Canadians and Americans, despite its gruesome associations—or maybe because of them.
Maria Vanta

Deep in a Japanese Forest, a Wooden Vortex Awaits

Step inside the staggering orange pavillion that is Uliana Apatina's 'SYU IRO.'
Becky Chung

You Won't Get Fat Inside This 'Foodhist' Temple

Peter Anton's giant photorealistic food sculptures come to the Unix Gallery.
Becky Chung

I Fought Deer for Snacks in Hiroshima

I visited Miyajima, a funny little island off of the coast of Hiroshima, to wrestle aggressive deer for bags of chestnuts and eat grilled oysters that hopefully won't turn me into a mutant.
Zack Kotzer
The Appalachia Issue

We Don't Feel Safe

John Mullins lives in an area of Nottingham called The Meadows. It's essentially one large estate of small houses linked by tiny alleyways and passages with a shopping precinct in the centre.
John Mullins