You Probably Wanna Listen to This Dude: "Shuttle" by Kyan

The UK's answer to Frank Ocean?
Noisey Staff

Anyone Wanna Buy a Space Shuttle Factory?

Anybody want to throw down on NASA's old shuttle factory? Seriously, it's for sale.
Greg Thomas
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What Obama's Second Term Means for NASA

Obama's reelection will keep NASA on track, but it's still too soon to get excited.
Amy Shira Teitel
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Atlantis' Final Crawl Brought the Hardcore Shuttle Huggers

Hanging out with rockstars and hangers-on at Atlantis's last ride.
Amy Teitel
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Gorgeous Photos from Space Shuttle Endeavour's Southwest Road Trip

The best photos of Endeavour's last ride.
Derek Mead
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Gemini 11 Orbited Earth Four Times Farther Than the Shuttle

On September 12, 1966, Gemini 11 launched and set a record for highest Earth orbital mission.
Amy Shira Teitel
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Space Shuttle Launch Vs. Royal Wedding: The Embarrassing Contest for Humanity's Attention

No royal wedding, please, we're space fans.
Janus Rose
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The Bright Yellow Asterisk: A Recollection of the Challenger Disaster

January, 1987. I stood alone 167 feet above the launch pad’s surface. I was staring into the open, small, white room. At the other end was an open doorway and beyond it was the blue expanse of the Atlantic Ocean. Between me and that 167 foot drop, the...
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Forget Winter, Let's Chill in NASA's Pre-Launch Beach House

Before the astronauts of Space Shuttle Atlantis get suited up to go to space one last time this week, they'll repeat a ritual familiar to every crew before them: kissing their spouses goodbye in private. To do that, they go to the beach house.
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The Last Words Uttered on the Moon

Earlier this morning, Space Shuttle Atlantis touched down at Cape Canaveral, marking the final death knell of America's Space Shuttle Program and 30 years of shooting human beings into outer space. Almost 40 years ago we finished the last chapter in...
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Ones and Zeros: 3D Shuttle Cockpits, 4D High Tech Cameras

_The 3D Space Shuttle Discovery simulator is addictive as hell. I just wish the windows weren't blocked and that I could get into that little compartment. Come on!_ h3. ONE: Nanowire Laser Could boost data storage and probe biological cells...
Ones Zeros
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Carl Sagan Will Now Remind You What We Get By Going to Space

Reid Gower, the space nerd who's been promoting NASA through YouTube, has a new entry in his "Sagan Series": about the end of the manned space era. It's only been a couple of hours since the final shuttle launch, but if your...